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I'm Parsely, an indie game developer. I adore horror games so most of the time that's what you can find me spending my time on! You can see my major projects below.

If you want to contact me for any reason, shoot an email to parselygames(at)

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Bloom Into Frost

A young woman travels with her best friend to meet her grandmother for the first time. In a town built in the shadow of a god's corpse, she finds truths about her mother, and maybe a new love.

I was a programmer, producer, sound designer, and editor on this project. I recruited artists, developed a timeline for development, did all of the content implementation and QA, and both chose and implemented all of the free sound and music used in the game.

Team Size 5 Ren'Py Python

An Outcry

A surreal, horror RPG with branching paths by GlasStadtGames.

I was an event scripter on this project. I worked closely with the director to implement scenes as written, using dialogue and previous gameplay as a reference point. My recommendations influenced a prominent feature of the game, and I added detail, flavor, and polish to all parts of the gameplay. I wrote some additional dialogue and narration that show up in the final version of the game.

Team Size 24+ RPG Maker 2003

Independent Games Festival Finalist, Nuovo Award.

Become Dirt

A young girl arrives home one day to find the house strangely quiet and her brother is unresponsive when she calls his name. Perhaps, she thinks, he's down in their hideout in the crawl space. Perhaps he's hiding from their mother and grandmother. Perhaps, she realizes too late, he may have used the family's forbidden spell... and now he has no way to break it on his own.

I was a programmer on this project. I suggested the use of the Impact player controller and implemented it, along with most of the key features of the player including movement, environment interaction, dialogue, and the teleport feature.

Team Size 10 Unity3D C#


A dark, interactive fiction with multiple endings. Deadly magic, demonic contracts, and genderqueer witches.

During this project I was the programmer, UI designer, and editor. I had to invent the game's aesthetic and UI from scratch, and edit 16,000 words of copy. I also had input on the story and creature designs, and wrote rough drafts of some of the flashback sequences.

Team Size 4 Twine HTML CSS JS