Meet Parsely

Yooo I'm a trans indie game developer!!! I'm a programmer and I ADORE horror games so, that's pretty much what I spend my time on!

I make freaking video games!!! You can see all my stuff below! :)

If you wanna contact me, shoot an email to parselygames(at)

Parsely's GitHub

Become Dirt

A young girl arrives home one day to find the house strangely quiet and her brother is unresponsive when she calls his name. Perhaps, she thinks, he's down in their hideout in the crawl space. Perhaps he's hiding from their mother and grandmother. Perhaps, she realizes too late, he may have used the family's forbidden spell... and now he has no way to break it on his own.


A dark, interactive fiction with multiple endings. Deadly magic, demonic contracts, and genderqueer witches.

An Outcry

A surreal, horror RPG with branching paths by GlasStadtGames.

World of Friends

A cute, 2.5d RPG with paper doll style animation inspired by Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.